2017 In the Margins Social Justice / Advocacy Award

2017 In the Margins Social Justice / Advocacy Award Nominations

The winner of the 2017 ITM Social Justice / Advocacy Award is:


Schenwar, Maya. Joe Macare, Alana Yu-Ian Price, and Alicia Garza (editors).  Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?: Police Violence and Resistance in the United States. 224p. Haymarket Books. June 2016. PB $18.00. ISBN 9781608466122.  The role of police in American society is a hot topic. The police shootings of young black men has come to the forefront as the list of killings increases on an almost daily basis. This series of articles is provocative as it asks the questions that need answers.

Social Justice / Advocacy Award Nominations for 2017:

Emdin, Chris.  For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood.  232pp.  Beacon Press.  March2 22, 2016.  TR   $25.95.  ISBN 9780807006405.  Drawing on his own personal experience of being ignored, invisible, and misunderstood in the classrooms, author Chris Emdin presents his Theory of Pedagogy that focuses on encouraging educators to change the culture of the classroom into one that reimages urban youth into students that are teachable and the classroom where students take ownership of and become the expert in their own learning.


 Morris, Monique. Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools. 256p New Press. February 2016.  TR $26.95. ISBN 9781620970942The product of four years of research resulted in this publication which shines a light on the importance of the lives of the black female exposed to aggressive treatment and benign neglect in American streets and classrooms

4Walmsley, Ann.  The Prison Book Club. 279 pp.  Oneworld Publications.  September, 2015.  TR $29.95 .  ISBN  9781780747835. Canadian magazine journalist Ann Walmsley volunteers with Book Clubs for Inmates, a Toronto based nonprofit organization and leads two book club groups in correctional facilities for 1 ½ years.  In her memoir of the experience, she brings to light a more intellectual and sensitive side of prisoners at Collins Bay and Beaver Creek facilities in Ontario.

5Watkins, D. and David Talbot.  The Beastside:  Living and Dying While Black.  176pp.  Hot Books.  September 8, 2015.  ISBN  9781510703353.  With the murder of Freddy Gray while in the custody of police from his hometown of Baltimore, it was undeniable that black men were targeted and endangered species.  In this documentation of the how the streets of B-more responded, author D. Watkins doesn’t lose pace as someone who knows what it feels like to be marked by authorities as dangerous, whether you’re guilty or not.