April Blog Tour: Beacon House Writers Readings from ‘The Day Tajon Got Shot’


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About the Beacon House Writers

The Beacon House Writers are ten teen writers who are members of a community-based organization in the Edgewood Terrace community of NE Washington, DC. The mission of the organization is to lift as many children as possible up and  out of their often difficult circumstances. Shout Mouse Press collaborates with Beacon House


giving agency to the teen writers’ voice.  In 2017 The Day Tajon Got Shot was the result of a two-year collaboration with ten teenfemale high school writers named T’Asia, J’Yona, Reiyanna, Jonae, Makiya, Rose, Najae, Serenity, Jeanet, and Temil. The multiple alternating-voiced narrative won In the Margins Top Fiction Award for 2018, and Rose, Temil, and T’Asia have granted us a much-anticipated interview. Below the authors read excerpts from their novel as a prelude to their up and coming interview. 

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The Day Tajon Got Shot is a highly engaging young adult text for middle school and high school reluctant and inquisitive readers who are looking for titles that connect with issues of police aggression against young black unarmed youth.  Adults and youth  alike get caught up in its text.  Other titles such as Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles; THUG by Angie Thomas; All American Boys by Jason Reynolds; and How it Went Down by Kekla Magoon are co-reads it aligns with.

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