New Social Justice Post on Crazy Quilts

Seeking Social Justice

Posted on 13 December 2017 Wednesday

Social justice in the United States evolved when Marxist principles were applied to the criminal justice system. This is a justice that seeks remedies that are meant to be good for the entire society but because of the transient nature of societies, there is no single, clear definition for social justice. It is a rather elusive concept that differs in application from place to place and from time to time while taking into account economic, political and social conditions. (Capeheart, 2007) It has been applied to the fields of education and social work as well as criminology. Social justice considers things like the causes of harm and institutional biases when establishing new actions and policies that better serves those who have been disenfranchised. Social justice realizes the debilitating impact of white supremacy and works toward solutions based in equity; the solutions are not administered from on those who have been empowered. Even in these contentious times, finding those solutions requires dialog.

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