Eve Porinchak says, “It’s Not the Fortune or Fame”

One Cut (Simon True) by [Porinchak, Eve]When Eve Porinchak won for top NF title, here’s what she wrote on her Fb site and the
reason why I am constantly uplifting authors of YA. They write about the issues that our teens are sometimes too shy or scared or lacking the language to speak about. Their books become the guidepost that leads these children “into the light” (as Elizabeth Acevedo says in her new book Poet X). But here’s Eve’s response to our recognition of her NF true crime story.

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It’s not about the fortune and fame, it’s about that child in their adolescent years which are the worst for communications in the most normal of circumstances. Add a cup of marginalization and a dash of misrepresentation to the soup and in walks disconnect…from a social life…from family…from school…from everything…and they end up dropping totally out, because no one was there to catch them. We have 5.8 million young adults in this condition according to demographics fromwww.measureofamerica.orgManage

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