One Cut by Eve Porinchak is Coming to a Blog Near You! Listen to what Eve has to say about the Storyline and Trial of Teens Charged with Felony Murder and not out of High School

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Author Eve Porinchak

It’s amazing that Eve Porinchak is the creative innovator idealist behind Simon Pulse’s new TRUE CRIME series.  One of the issues that attracted Eve to the idea came from her writing work with incarcerated youth with led her to meet up with Jason and Micah Holland’s mom, who of course is her sons’ strongest advocate.  While fighting in a club house in the back of Mike McLoren’s home a knife was pulled out and nicked the paracordial sac of Jimmy Farris and he died from bleeding out at the scene without any of the boys realizing what happened.

SB-1437 Accomplice liability for felony murder: Sec. 2. 189. 3

 This is the 2018 update for the California Felony Murder Rap.

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Day 2:  Follow us over to Brichi’s Lit Spot to see what Brichi has to say about One Cut, the book and its ability to make connections with readers.



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