Day 2: Interview with WHITE FLIGHT’s Chris Paslay

Christopher Paslay
 Today we are fortunate to be graced with the presence of one of our Top TEN National Award winning authors, Christopher Paslay, who wrote WHITE FLIGHT,  a story in which the protagonists come face to face with the explosive situations that destroy the lives of a family, ends the life of a youth, and  dissolves the friendship of two teens due to snitching. Paslay’s book was written for its readers to learn from the action of the characters in the storyline, which provides powerful impacts on the concepts of friendship, race, and justice. Today Chris shares some of his thoughts with us on his background and the inside story of his young adult innovative story.

 In the Margin’s Interview Paslay Sessions 1-5:

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Justice- Delayed, Dismissed, Denied – Philly 

  • Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 6.22.59 PMAlso, please cllick on the link above to access a news article Chris mentioned that has been downloaded from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which covers the problem of crime and snitching.

In the Margin’s Interview Paslay Sessions 6-10:

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If you’d like to catch up with Chris on the day he read from his award-winning title, please go to Cecily Wolfe’s author website for Day 3.


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