Day 1: Girls Like Me! Author Reading by Nina Packebush


Image result for nina packebushToday we are honored to have in our presence, none other than author Nina Packebush, author of the awarding winning YA novel Girls Like Me (Bedazzled Ink, 2017).  Since its November 2017 publication, Girls Like Me (GLM) has slowly eased its way into the hearts, minds, and souls of those that have had the fortune to open its pages and read it.  Focused on queer teen identities as well as pregnancy and romance, GLM doesn’t hesitate to include the critical need for governance and the physical and mental health needs that have been so often a failure for this specific youth population.  For within all the angst of growing into adulthood, to add gender identity issues which for some leans towards body dysmorphism, teen pregnancy, and mainstream societal judgments, in my opinion, we’ve got a ticking adolescent time bomb.   Through the incredible skills of Nina Packebush’s storytelling, the reader is presented with this dilemma which opens up with the book’s protagonist, Banjo, having been placed under psychiatric hospitalization, after the loss of her gender-clear partner and love of her life.

In real time, this week, author Nina P.’s novel was on stage at the annual Lambda Book Awards, of which the story was a finalist in the young adult category for this nationally recognized annual award.  GLM has also been nominated under two categories for the Golden Crown Literary Award:  1) the Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Art, and 2) the Young Adult literature category.

Today, Nina has stopped by to read an excerpt from her story:

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Day 2:  Tomorrow, Saturday, June 6, Nina Packebush’s book review will re-up on Brichi’s Lit Blog

Day 3:  Stay Tuned for Nina’s exciting Interview as the tour circles back around to this blog, and then moves on to Cecily’s Author Blog see below!

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