Day 1: An Unrequited Romance That was Dead-Ended, A Love No One Could Replace



Chanel Hardy is a rising young self-published author whose first book, My ColorblindScreen Shot 2018-07-09 at 7.47.55 PM.pngRainbow, weaves a powerful picture of lesbian teen love between two teens in the 1940s North Carolina.  The groundbreaking element of this book is that nothing like it that iswidely known to have been written for young adult audiences, for it’s a lesbian love story which is:

  • not burdened down with era sensitive issues of the pre-Civil Rights Era North Carolina;
  • crosses the color-line historically;
  • contemporary in sound;
  • leaves room for expansion of the storyline in reading circles; and
  • very relatable to today’s youth because not just girls who identify as lesbian see themselves in the issues addressed in the story.


Df0Bsi2U0AAV2epToday, on Day one of this long-awaited blog tour, Chanel shares the fabulous trailer for My Colorblind Rainbow which made the long list for In the Margins 2018.  In June, as part of Gay Pride Month 2018, Eleidesigns created a new poster of the story’s main characters Rose and Darlene.

Day 2:  Follow us to Day 2 on Brichi’s Lit Spot to Read the review of this wonderfully innovative historical fiction!

Colorblind Rainbow can be purchased on Amazon

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