2019 ITM Book Awards Shortlist

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The 2019 In the Margins Book Awards Committee — composed of juried members Sabrina Carnesi, Jeanie Austin, Marvin DeBose, Lauren Gilpin, Rae Anne Montague, Kerry Sutherland, and Raemona Little Taylor — is honored to announce the 2019 shortlist for top fiction and nonfiction young adult titles published between June 2017 and December 2018.  Please join us in celebration of these fine books that explore the world through the eyes of youth who experience challenges of marginalized issues  that include life situations which force them to navigate past the traumas of the street, incarceration, addiction, homelessness, gang friction, and bullying.

Fiction Shortlist

Ingrid Palmer, All Out of Pretty  (Creston Books, 2018) –Young Adult.

Kevin Brown, Darkskins and Redbones (Jank Publishing, 2017) – Young Adult.

Nonieqa Ramos, The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary (Carolrhoda Lab, 2018) – Young Adult

Fred Aceves, The Closest I’ve Come (HarperTeen, 2017) –  Young Adult.

Brandon Hobson, Where the Dead Sit Talking (Soho Press, 2018) – Older Teen/New Adult.

Nonfiction Shortlist

Hanif Abdurraqib, They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us  (Two Dollar Radio, 2017) – Young Adult and Up.  

Jade H. Brooks, The Teen Sex Trade: My Story (Formac, 2017) – Young Adult.  

Jesse-Ray Lewis, Hillbilly Drug Baby: The Poems (WriteLife Publishing, 2018) -Young Adult.

Latin American Youth Center Writers and Santiago Casares, Voces sin Fronteras: Our Stories, Our Truth (Shout Mouse Press, 2018) – Young Adult.  

Valencia Griffin-Wallace, Motherless Child:  A Journey of Growing Up and Forgiving (Valencia G. Wallace Publisher, 2018) – Older Teens.

Which of these titles are favorites of yours?  Which do you think made the top fiction and nonfiction title for 2019?  Which do you think are in our Top 10 overall Titles?  Stay tuned to our website for the final announcements in the next two weeks.



2 thoughts on “2019 ITM Book Awards Shortlist”

  1. I love Ingrid Palmer’s…All out of Pretty. Her characterizations are excellent and her writing rings true. I was totally absorbed by this story and how timely the plot is in today’s world.


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